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Audio Visual

At Pusey Parish Church we have a excellent audio visual system to aid us in our worship, and to make use of a wide range of material in our teaching.
We have a large projector screen which is used for hymns, songs, bible readings and powerpoint slides for use during the service, we also are able to project prayers and the order of service to the screen if needed. During our teaching we can play media from DVDs and various common video file formats via a PC, or allowing a visiting speaker's laptop to connect directly to the projector (and sound system).
For the audio side we have a comprehensive system which has been designed to ensure both music and the spoken word is heard as they are meant to be heard. The audio system is controlled by a mixing desk to ensure different styles of service, music and worship can take place without any issues. We also have a loop system for hearing aids, to make use of this, please select T on your hearing aid.
The AV Team
The AV team is a team of volunteers, who will staff the PC controlling the projector and the mixing desk during the service, to ensure the smooth presentation and running of the service.