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Marriage Preparation Couse

All couples who are getting married at Pudsey Parish will be invited to attend the marriage preparation course. The course runs over 5 sessions taking place one evening a week over five weeks, there is also an option to complete the course over a day if you are unable to attend the evening sessions, however it is more beneficial to attend the evening sessions.

Each evening session will last for around two and a half hours, starting with a meal, then followed by some teaching combined with material on DVD, during which there will be time to discuss topics in more depth, with each couple working alone to ensure privacy.

We use the marriage preparation course material put together by Nicky and Sila Lee, which is used in Churches across the UK.
For more information on the marriage preparation course you can find relevant links in our teaching links section.

All couples who are due to get married at Pudsey Parish Church will receive a written invitation to the course, or you can contact the church office.