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Mission Matters

The Mission Matters group is an open forum to anyone interested in hearing about and praying for the mission partners that our church supports.

It usually meets on a Monday evening at the house of one of the regular members.

Our church formally supports the following four missionary societies, with both prayers and a tithe of our collections.

  • Church Pastoral Aid Society (CPAS)
  • Crosslinks
  • The Leprosy Mission (TLM)
  • South American Mission Society (SAMS/CMS)

We have link Mission partners with Crosslinks, giving training to church leaders in Serbia and, with SAMS/CMS, helping to provide a home for boys rescued from living on the streets in Brazil.

We keep in regular contact and support them during the year.  We send our partners a greetings CD at Christmas.

If you want to know more about these societies, or others that individual members of our congregation support in some way, please see the Mission page in our Links section.