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The Church is all the people around the world who believe and follow Jesus Christ. They are called CHRISTIANS. This building is a special place where some of the Christians in Pudsey meet to learn more about God and worship Him.

Every Christian belongs to God's family and other Christians are their brothers and sisters. It is really good when families get together to share their news, help each other and have fun together. The Bible tells us that the Christian family should meet to help and encourage one another to worship God together and learn more about Him.

We want to find out more about God and how He wants us to live. It is more fun to find out with other people who are learning so we learn together. The Bible tells us to "teach and instruct each other as wisely as we can". Children in our Church have their own groups where they can learn through stories, activities, games and singing.

Praying is talking to God. Jesus said we should talk to God every day because He is our Father and cares for us. The Bible says we must "give thanks to God, sing psalms, hymns and songs of praise". Being part of God's family makes us happy so we like to sing joyful songs.

Just like you, Jesus liked to have a meal with his family and friends. Once He was sharing a meal with his special friends at a celebration called PASSOVER. He told them to remember Him whenever they shared bread and wine. Since then Christians have a special time when they share bread and wine together this is called COMMUNION.

Christians like to celebrate together at special times like CHRISTMAS and EASTER. Christmas is a happy time remembering when Jesus came into the world as a baby. Easter is a time when we remember that people hurt Jesus and killed Him, but then God brought Him to life again. We believe that those who follow Jesus start a new life too; a NEW LIFE as God's friend forever.

Many people come to Church and bring their family and friends at special and important times in their lives. Some people come to say "Thank you" to God for their new baby or to have their baby BAPTISED. People who love each other and want to stay together come to be MARRIED. They promise that they will love and care for each other always. Sometimes people come because someone they know has DIED and they are feeling sad.

If you have good news you want to share it. Christians have "Good News" to share.

Jesus Loves Everyone - Anyone Who Believes In Him Can Be Happy Because They Can Have A New Start And Be Part Of God's Family For Ever.

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