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Coming to church ?

Please click on the links below to find the answers to some common questions.

Where is the church ? When are the services ?
I use a wheelchair or walking aid, are there any steps into or in the church ?
I don't want to come in on my own, can someone meet me ?
What do they do in Crèche ? What do they do in the children's groups ?
How long will the service take ? Can I take Holy Communion ?


Where is the church ?

See the map on Streetmap.co.uk     The orange arrow shows the location.
There are two entrances to the churchyard, they are on Radcliffe Lane and Church Lane.

For more detailed instructions, see our How to find us page, there you can find out how to get to our church and some information about access for disabled people.

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I use a wheelchair or walking aid

Walking aid and wheelchair users will find our church a welcoming and friendly place.  There are no steps if you enter from Church Lane, once through the church door, the floor is level throughout the ground floor, complete with disabled toilet facilities.

Can someone meet me ?

Have you never been to church before and don't know what to expect ?
Or perhaps you haven't been for a while and are nervous about coming back ?
Whatever the reason, those first few steps into a church can seem quite daunting.

We understand, a lot of us have felt the same way ourselves. Just remember, we would love to see you here ! If you would like someone to meet you outside and come in with you, please telephone the Church adminstrator and we will do our best to have someone to meet you outside.

We usually have some welcome cards available on the table near the back, ask for one and you can fill in your details, and the vicar will contact you if you would like him to.

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What do they do in Crèche ?

During the family service, young children (aged three and under) are welcome to go into the Crèche. They can go in at the beginning of the service as you enter the Church. The Crèche is run by members of the church and they are all volunteers.  The Crèche is for under 3s only.  The Crèche volunteers will play with the children or read them stories while you enjoy the service.  If for any reason your child is distressed, unhappy or will not settle we will find you and let you know. Or if you prefer, your children are very welcome to stay with you during the services.

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What do they do in the Children's groups ?

During the family service, older children go into the service with you and then go into their own groups. These groups are led by volunteers. The children listen to Bible stories, sing songs and have lots of fun. Or if you prefer, your children are very welcome to stay with you during the services.

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How long is the service ?

An average service usually lasts about 60 minutes, sometimes a little longer if Holy Communion is involved. If you need to leave during the service, nobody will complain if you slip out discreetly.

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Can I take Holy Communion ?

Communion is served at a variety of places in the worship space, depending on how many people are present.
You can take Holy Communion if you have been confirmed in the Church of England or usually take communion in your own church. Even if you don't take communion, please feel free to go to the assistants to be blessed, just hold the service sheet in your hand when you do. It is our usual practice to bring children to the
assistants to be blessed.

If you would like information about confirmation, please contact the Church Office, or have a chat with the vicar after the service.

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