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Computer Software and Presentations

Presentations in church.

We have a document available if you are going to give a presentation in our church that explains what facilities we have and what file formats we can cope with. 

You can view an Adobe Acrobat version of the document here (This document is now being revised - please contact the webkeeper for a version by e-mail).  Should you want to download it, right click on the link and use the "Save Link" or "Save Link Target" function.

Free Software.

We support the use of free software, and church members and some of the of the church systems use the following :-

Firefox Browser

Thunderbird Email client

Seamonkey combined Browser and Email client with many other features.

OpenOffice.org office productivity suite.

Irfanview Graphics viewer for Windows.

Adobe Acrobat Reader The free reader for .pdf documents.


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