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Missions we support

Links to the missionary organisations supported by our Church.

Church Pastoral Aid Society (CPAS)

  •  CPAS enables churches to help every person to hear and discover the good news of Jesus.


  • Crosslinks is an international mission society with its roots in the Bible, working largely within the worldwide Anglican Communion.

The Leprosy Mission International (TLM)

  • TLM is a leading international non-denominational Christian organization, with over 130 years experience in leprosy work.

CMS - formerly South American Mission Society and CMS

  • CMS is committed to evangelistic mission, worrking to see our world transformed by the love of Jesus.

Mission Matters

  • We have a group called Mission Matters that meets once a month to discuss the work of our missionary partners and pray for them.  If you want to know more about this, please use the Groups contact form.

Other mission organisations

Some members of the church actively or financially support these missionary organisations :-

Signpost International

Jubilee Outreach Yorkshire (JOY)

The Bible Society

  • The Bible Society is an advocate for the Bible in contemporary cultures, resourcing and influencing those who shape society and making the Bible heard by all.


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