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The church clock

Made by Potts of Pudsey (now Smith of Derby) and installed in 1864.

Towards the end of the 20th Century various (mostly electrical) faults occurred, so the chimes ceased to work.   The clock often stopped, which was found to be due to the pendulum catching on the casing that covers the pendulum in the room below the clock room.

As repairs were being assessed, it was discovered that it would require a replacement if the autowinder motors and mechanisms, and that the stone supports on which the mechanism was mounted had cracked.

In all, a total of about £11,000 was spent to complete all the necessary clock and structural repairs.

The St. Lawrence and St. Paul Parochial Church Council are grateful to the parishoners, Leeds City Council, Pudsey Borough Charity, and an anonymous donor for their grants and donations that have supported the PCC in effecting these repairs. We also want to thank the various companies involved in the repairs, especially Terry Hill of Potts.

The clock was restarted at 12 noon on Monday, 19th April 2007, following a short Prayer Service that was attended by our Local Councillors - Mick Coulson, Josie Jarosz and Richard Lewis, our clergy - the Revd. Paul Ayers and Revd. Andy Greiff, and a number of Church members.

Photo gallery - images of the clock as it is after refurbishment.

There is also a picture of the clock door casing showing the daily winding that was reqiured before electric autowinders were introduced.