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The church bells

A ring of eight. T. Mears of London. Fecit 1824.

Bell Pitch Weight Inscription
Treble F 5-0-10 James Hutton, William Denison, Churchwardens
2nd E 5-1-11 Praise Him on the Loud Cymbals.
3rd D 6-0-16 Venite Exultamus Domino.
4th C 7-1-6 Fear God and Honour the King.
5th B flat 8-0-16 This Church was built by His Majesty's Commissioners
This Peal of Bells was provided by subscription.
6th A 9-1-20 When Britons are with Laurels crowned, We'll make the Hills and Vales resound.
7th G 12-0-15 Mortals with us your voices raise, And shout abroad Jehovah's praise
Tenor F 17-0-13 All ye who hear my mournful sound, Repent before ye lie in ground

The eight bells were recast and rehung with partly new fittings A.D. 1957, by the Whitechapel Bell Foundry, London.

If you would be interested in joining the bellringers, see our Bellringers' page.

Here is a link to picture gallery, showing ringing room, inscriptions and bell frame.