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4. The Building and our Facilities



The Narthex is the first area entered from the entrance lobby under the tower. It is the width of the church (22 metres approx.) by 6 metres. Three areas open from it, the worship space, the crèche room, and the kitchen.

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Worship Space

Comprising Nave, North and South side aisles and the Chancel, with a first floor gallery at the west end, it is effectively cruciform in plan, free of any fixed item other than the font at the entrance from the Narthex and two pillars. The seating is usually 200 chairs arranged in a semi ellipse around the line of the chancel steps, creating a very intimate feel.

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Meeting rooms

There are two upstairs rooms, each 12 metres by 6 metres, and a smaller one downstairs, off the worship space that is approximately 6 metres square.

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Off the Narthex, with large servery hatch, it contains modern electric double oven and five ring hob, continuous hot water for drinks, refrigerator etc. This space is roughly 4 metres square.

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Crèche Room

Complete with low temperature radiators and many toys, this room is approximately 6 metres square.

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All toilets are separate self contained units, for either sex. We have two in the lobby under the tower, two on the entrance to the balcony, and a disabled toilet adjacent to the kitchen, off the Narthex.

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Baby Changing

Near the disabled toilet, adjacent to the kitchen, off the Narthex.

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Here is a link to a simple plan diagram of the church (opens in a new page/tab).

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Sound and Video systems

Sound system

The sound system is operative in the Worship space and Narthex, with an audio frequency induction loop system (AFILS) for those who are hard of hearing in the Worship space.

In 2005 we installed a professional quality mixing desk and a permanent amplifier and loudspeaker system. We can mix a good number and a wide variety of instruments and individual singers, as well as traditional choirs.
We have a comprehensive, permanent system that can play audio cassettes, CDs and other digital audio formats in conjunction with the video projection system.

Video system

We have a state of the art rear projection system to display the text of worship songs, Bible readings and liturgy and illustrate talks using SongPro Software in the worship area. We can also connect laptop computers to the projector and the sound system for presentations by visiting speakers.

We can show films and other material from VHS video cassette, DVD and other video formats on the screen.

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Maintenance of the Church

All running costs, as well of those for repair and maintenance, have to be borne by the congregation, supported by donations, fees and any grants we can find.

The British government only provides funds through application to the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The Church Commissioners do not support the general running costs of churches.

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